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As a Co-Founder and Director of Research of the Oceanic Research Institute (ORI), I am thrilled that it is now a fully-fledged Australian Approved Research Institute with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, endorsed by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). ORI has attracted, inspired and secured the involvement of a first-class team of renowned international researchers to form our inaugural Research Committee. Several of these researchers have been working with us informally for up to four years.

While I am humbled to be working with such a remarkable team of scientists and leaders, I believe I can contribute significantly from my own academic and leadership experience as a ‘sustainable futures’ researcher, deeply concerned about the state of the oceans and the immanent threats to humanity of what the UK Parliament now declares is a “climate emergency” and particularly sea level rise. In particular, my eight years leadership experience as President of the World Futures Studies Federation, a UNESCO and UN-ECOSOC Partner, and global peak body for futures researchers across 60 countries, should be of value to the work of the ORI Research Committee and its undertakings.

Here are links to papers that I have published in the area of climate research.

Gidley, Jennifer M, et al (2009) Participatory Futures Methods: Towards Adaptability and Resilience in Climate-Vulnerable Communities Environmental Policy and Governance Env. Pol. Gov. 19, 427–440 

Gidley, Jennifer M. (2016) Understanding the Breadth of Futures Studies through a Dialogue with Climate Change World Futures Review Vol. 8(1) 24 –38.




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