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The Future: An Oxford VSI


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My new book The Future: A Very Short Introduction with Oxford University Press is due for release on 23rd March 2017 in the UK.

Now available to purchase at OUP 


‘Gidley has given us a stunning description of the new field of futures studies and of how we humans can help choose, and shape, the coming future.’

Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Wendell Bell, Yale University

About the Book

Abstract: Humans have always been driven by both a fear of the unknown and a curiosity to know. They have prophesied, foretold, predicted, and tried to control the future. The Future: A Very Short Introduction considers some of our most burning questions: What is ‘the future’? Is there only one future or are there many possible futures? It introduces the exciting field of future studies, spanning social, cultural, and environmental innovations, as well as technological advances. It asks if the future can ever be truly predicted or if we create our own futures by our thoughts, feelings, and actions. The book concludes by exploring the grand global futures challenges.

See blog post: About ‘The Future: A Very Short Introduction’ for more detail.


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